About Blackfeather Knives

Blackfeather knives is a small shop located in the backwoods of Virginia. While i am a one man show, none of the magic that happens here would be possible without the support of my beautiful wife and daughter. When you order a knife from Blackfeather, you are ordering from the maker directly and I take every aspect and interaction personally.While most orders are done online please don’t hesitate to call and discuss in detail how Blackfeather can tailor a knife to your specific needs.



*Warranty- All Blackfeather knives have a lifetime warranty. Obviously it is only warrantied from normal wear and tear. any damage that is determined to be abuse will not be warrantied. These knives are built with the intentions of passing on as an heirloom so we stand behind our work 100%.

*Should you need to warranty a knife you must send it in for inspection and if it is found to be a defect done on my part then a replacement knife will be made and retuned to owner.

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